TIGER 352 NC 5.0

electro-pneumatic automatic vertical sawing machine which can operate also in semi automatic mode, to cut from 60° left to 45° right, with HSS blade. CNC machine with a new controller : MEP 50 with Windows “CE” based. This new PLC has been specifically designed by MEP for the automation of its range of products.
7” touch screen display operator interface and push buttons for all functions of the sawing machine. It is simple and intuitive, it guarantees a reliable use and it controls all cutting parameters in real time– Console with all centralized controls, installed on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position for the controls and the EMERGENCY.


The Emmegi twin-head cutting-off machines boast of exceptional performance characteristics, including ruggedness and reliability.
This machine is ideal for cutting aluminum and PVC bars in various thicknesses and at different angles. Latest generation machines which can make a considerable contribution to the production cycle thanks to their high standard of accuracy and user-friendliness.


With 4 controlled axes, designed for machining bars or parts made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general or steel up to 2 mm. It is equipped with two 4-place tool magazines on board machine and it is able to machine on 3 sides of a section of 170 mm x h210 mm. It can work bars up to 4 m long. The 4th CN axis allows the electro spindle to continuously rotate to from 0° to 180° to perform the work on the profile contour. Moreover it is equipped with a moving work plane for easier workpiece loading/unloading; this also allows considerable increase in the machinable section.


Known as one of the top world wide manufacturers in the sheet metal industry, proudly announces its latest shear model to the market, which we call it the Variable Rake Hydraulic Guillotine Shear 'CNC HVR’ Blade gap, cutting angle & cutting length are adjusted based on material selection and thickness automatically. The machine provides flexibility for different production parts and reducing idle time through high efficiency.

ERMAK 3100 X 150

Chrome coated cylinders are machined with 0,001 mm precision and pistons are specially hardened. Original clamps are user friendly and machined with high precision. Front support arms are slidable along machine length and easy to adjust. Compact and well-known brand HOERBIEGER hydraulics are produced according to CE standards. Two photocells on sides for rear guard. Fast tool tightening. Optic linear scales are sensitive up to± 0,01 mm. Quick release clamping system.
Pro cam type top clamps can be easily loaded & unloaded. Synchronized working cylinders will give you the best bending result with its perfect repeatability ratio.2 axis ultra strong back gauge system(X=800 mm and R), with ± 0,01 mm. repeatability, moves along rails and balls crew, bending length controlled by CNC controller, foldable back gauge fingers for reverse bending applications.
Multifunctional and highly programmable,2D CYBELEC DNC 600 CNC controller. SIEMENS electrical system. Automatic axis referencing when machines turned on. Side guard is standard meeting CE regulation.


The Pratix N15 is a versatile and cost effective CNC machining center with a closed gantry frame and multi-function aluminum table. Designed for easy net-line integration. the Pratix N Series from SCM Group offers fully customizable sizing, boring and routing solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing applications.

The Pratix N15 (5’ x 12’) flat table CNC router is available in the following configurations: –

  • Pratix N15 C NBR (5×12) – with (left to right) rake
  • Pratix N15 C NB Preset (5×12) – preset (right to left) cell
  • Pratix N15 D CELL (5×12) – nesting cell (right to left)