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Welcome To Al-Fransi Complex for Aluminum Co.

Our skills with conducting Aluminum services aims to leave customers with an outstanding overall experience in all aspects from Aluminum doors & windows, Curtain walls, Cladding, etc. We have a variety of advanced machineries that help us in achieving the client’s objectives while maintaining a safe work environment for our employees. We hope that you stop in our facility soon and as we always say ‘‘Aluminum is a one-stop solution’’.

Letter From Our CEO

I started Al-Fransi Complex with a hope to use my knowledge and expertise in aluminum to achieve corporate success. As time went by, this hope turned into a dream. A dream to create, fabricate and install an easier life for our clients. As I grew, our knowledge and this company grew with me and gave us a famous lesson which is that nothing in life comes easy; nothing except aluminum. Aluminum taught us that you can have an easier life with just a simple material that is abundant everywhere around this planet. We started to learn more and more about aluminum and with everything we learnt, more doors and windows opened up for us (literally). However, the most important thing that we obtained throughout the journey were our values and standards of excellence. Because even though ‘’good’’ is good enough for some people, excellence is only what’s good enough for us.

Mohammad K. Tirani
Founder and CEO



Al Fransi Complex for Aluminum is a KSA based company which has been present in the aluminum industry for more than 15 years. Our first and utmost priority is establishing a fruitful connection with our clients, and understanding their demands while maintaining the best quality. Our expert team will help in providing ideas that best fits your project needs. We are partners of several multinational fabricators such as Installux and Reynears. In addition, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Certified along with our intertek certification.


Purpose AL FRANSI COMPLEX FOR ALUMINUM CO. was established in 2006 to form a progressive and dedicated team that can supply innovative aluminum solutions for its clients. Each and every one of our crew is selected based on a professionally created criteria that ensures providing constructive and quality performances to deliver the desired outcomes while securing the ustomers utmost satisfaction.


TO produce the best practical solutions in the field of aluminum and façade Cladding.


TO produce accurate and creative results that satisfy our clients demands. Our specialty in Aluminum, all steel types (FR & Non-fr), façade cladding, and glass fits with the demands of modern architecture and construction. Through delicate procedures we promise to leave our customers with the greatest quality and assurance in every project.
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